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General Ag & Fertilisers

Our range of fertilisers promotes soil vitality and nutrient uptake, ensuring optimum performance. They are sustainable, self-evolving and perpetual. Their applications are far-reaching – from farmers to growers to home gardeners. We also supply seed to suit your specific needs, along with sprays and our own spraying services.

Neutrog Organic

We carry an extensive range of fertilisers from Australia’s leading organic brand, Neutrog. Neutrog has been operating for over 20 years and produce such well known products such as Rapid Raiser, Seamungus, Bounce Back, GOGO Juice and many, many more.

Liquid Fertilisers

Our range of SprayGro liquid fertilisers are available to suit everything from Broadacre, Horticulture, Turf, Seed Dressing and even Nursery Ornamentals.

Granular Fertilisers

The range of granular fertilisers from Incitec Pivot and YaraMila contain combinations of the most essential plant nutrients, designed to meet specific crop requirements to maximize crop yield and quality.


We pride ourselves on having access to the leading seed available each year, including Stephen Pasture Seed, and can be ordered to suit your exact and specific seeding requirements each season.

Herbicides, Insecticides & Fungicides

HRI Ag & Irrigation have a selection of approved herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to suit most requirements. We also offer spraying services if you don’t have access to the required equipment yourself.

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