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HRI Ag & Irrigation is a proudly independent local business, providing quality, high-performance animal nutrition solutions. We stock feed for dogs, cattle and calves, birds, sheep and lambs as well as poultry.


HRI offers a range of nutritious, balanced and complete pelleted feed specifically formulated for all breeds of laying birds in a home flock from leading brands such as Barastoc and Red Hen.

Sheep & Lambs

HRI stock a range of Sheep & Lamb feed from leading brand such as Profelac and Laucke Mills, among others. Whether you require Shepherd Milk Powder for newborns or premium quality Sheep Nuts, we have a feed to suit.

Bird Seed

The range of iO Bird Seed encompasses Wild Parrot and Small Bird with other products available upon request. iO Bird Seed is a delicious mix of seeds and grains that provides nutrition to a large range of species.

Cattle & Calves

HRI stocks a selection of premium quality cattle and calf feed from leading brand such as Profelac, Barastoc and Laucke Mills. We pride ourselves in having a broad selection and steady supply on hand.

Dog Food

We pride ourselves in providing premium, high quality and cost-effective dog food, as well as other pet supplies which are both pet and budget healthy. If you don’t see what you are after in-store, we may well be able to order it in. We stock food from Drover, Pedigree and Super Coat.

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