Animal Health & Identification

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Animal Health & Identification

HRI provides a range of trusted animal health products and supplements to help producers have sustainable, profitable and healthy animals.

NLIS Eartags

The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) identifies individual livestock through the use of an approved NLIS device, in the form of an ear tag. We carry a range of sizes, colours and styles of tags as well as electronic tags.

Animal Husbandry

HRI carries a range of products for Animal Husbandry from suppliers such as Shoof, Rapigel, Debrisol and many, many others. Our aim is to ensure you have everything you need for your breeding and animal care needs.


Whether you are looking for issue-targeted pet supplements or nutritional animal health supplements, we stock a broad selection of products from Cobalife, Olsson and others. If we don’t have it in stock, we can usually find whatever you’ll require. Our animal supplements will keep all the animals on your farm healthy and in excellent condition.


Vaccines can prevent a wide range of diseases that cause reduced production, fertility or death in livestock and economic losses to Australian producers. We stock a range from such brands as Ultravac, Glanvac, Cydectin, Equivac and many more.


We stock a range of sheep and cattle drenches including oral, injectable or topical (pour-on) drench. We stock a variety of leading drenches from the world’s leading veterinary medicine brands, including Cydectin, TriGuard, Noromectin, Dectomax and more.

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