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Welcome to our website!

Over 30 Years ago Jenny and Simon Chard started “The Dairy Shop”, designing, manufacturing and installing dairies throughout S.A. and Victoria.

Using the expertise developed during our early years, the business was later expanded to encompass irrigation design, manufacture and installation. At that time the name changed to “The Dairy & Irrigation Shop” and we moved into the current premises in Mt. Compass.

In 2004, the business undertook a further change and re-focus. The dairy side was sold and the business changed to a combination of hardware, rural and irrigation products.

Reflecting the need to constantly monitor the market environment and local needs, HRI has once again reviewed its position and business mix.

As a result, our business is once again entering an exciting new phase in its evolution.

With the name change to HRI-Ag & Irrigation in 2009, a new direction and focus began.

Times change and the market has changed with it, and as a truly local business with a long term outlook, HRI must, and will, meet these challenges.

Our new direction is a result of significant research to identify where HRI needs to position itself to best service its market going forward.

Our Logo reflects our commitment to grow with our region.

The provision of services which focus on farm practices and production improvement, along with increasing numbers of lifestyle farmers will, for the first time, be offered by HRI.

We have purchased equipment and formed partnerships which will see us offering a comprehensive package and a broader range of products, to our customers.

Once again welcome to our site and we hope you find it helpful.


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